Friday, June 8, 2012

but black ink looks blue when it's only skin deep...

it's been almost a year since i've posted here and that is for good reason. i've taken a step back to evaluate myself and the trajectory of my art and personal life. with great change comes sacrifice and hopefully, with such sacrifice will eventually come reward and freedom but for now the only thing on the horizon is hard work. the idea of having all this work ahead of me is exciting; an opportunity to share my art and make a living doing so. i'll use this blog for updates, there are a lot of changes since my last post in august 2011. check out the new projects: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ the creation of Studio 210 South - equipped with the latest version of Pro Tools 10, Studio 210 South offers a laid back environment that yields solid results. we supply all equipment needed to record any artist.(blues, rock, folk, acoustic, hip hop, indie, etc.) in addition to supplying amplification (fishman, marshall, carvin) for acoustic guitars/bass/mandolin/violin etc, electric guitars, electric bass - we offer a vocal booth with condenser mics, premium vocal mics (blue) and whatever else you may need to realize your vision. in addition to the vocal booth, recording is done in three rooms; each with a distinct natural reverb that creates a unique sound. in addition to engineering and production, the 210 South team will sit in as session musicians, if you'd like. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ new gigs: - jeff and i work hard to present a polished live sound. to catch it, check the cut and paste link listed below for a list of upcoming gigs, free tracks to listen to and ton of other cool features. you can also check out the bands that i like, meet other fans and discover new music. there are some awesome artists to be found. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - i love sound cloud. i use it to post ideas for new songs as i work through the composition. when you hear a new song live, you might recognize one if you've been checking out my sound cloud page. again, another resource to find other new musicians. __________________________________________________________________ i miss friends that i have lost touch with - i miss writing - i miss those of you that have read this since day one - this time will be different. cheers ~A

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CD purchase information, malelani's, digital downloads ect.

at this point in time, you can only purchase Cyprus at one of the album release parties. the disc available at the pre-release parties is the entire album( 15 songs!)sans official album art, track listing and liner notes but, it does come with it's own exclusive bonuses. since only 100 of these limited run discs will ever be made, each disc is numbered by hand and entitles the purchaser to a digital copy of tonight's gig. (8/31/11) this is known as the pre-release package. when you purchase your disc, your name and email will be recorded and you will be sent a link to downlaod the 8/31/11 live! @ malelani's bonus tracks. for an additional $5, you can buy the pre-release plus! package which entitles the buyer to everything previously mentioned and the hurricane irene session, an acoustic bonus CD recorded 8/30/11 a CAS studios in vineland, nj. this limited run of 20 discs includes 5 of the most popular tracks off of Cyprus recorded in one take. just me and the guitar. here is a break down using bullet points for clarification.
pre-release package: -$10
Cyprus the album
digital download of 8/31/11 bonus tracks

pre-release plus! package: -$15
Cyprus the album
digital downlaod of 8/31/11 bonus tracks
hurrican irene session bonus disc feat:
so far
hand over mouth
daddy's dance

i will be at malelani's at 4:30 to set up. if you read this and feel compelled to, come in early and say hello. i would love to see you there. the next album release party will be annoucned soon, so stay close.

Monday, August 8, 2011

album release party for Cyprus: 7pm 8/31/11 @ malelani's in ventnor

join us for a night of intimate live music and the chance to own an album two and half years in the making prior to it's commercial release. not only will people who attend these parties will get a chance to hear Cyprus before it is offically released, they will also be able to download a digital copy of select tracks from this show, which will be recorded. get there at 6:30 to reserve a seat and don't miss our talented opening act, Yunuen Sabatino. ( )
this is the first show in a series of album release parties and the only way to purchase a copy of Cyprus for now.interested in hosting an album release party at your home or bussiness? drop me a line.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

back on track

it's all about how you handle disappointment and survive the lulls between the highs. it's a roller coaster, but we know that, right? last weekend, i had to cancel a few shows after being left in the dust by a friend who committed to playing with me and then bailed at the eleventh hour. did it suck? yes. badly. did it hurt to think that someone who i hold in such high esteem would screw me royally? like you wouldn't believe. so what do i do? carry on, carry on/cause nothing really matters to me. while visiting the campus yesterday i decided to stop feeling sappy and do something about the crappy hand my "friend" dealt me so last night i played a short set at stockton college's lakeside lodge and fell back in love with performing. the give and take of life made itself apparent yet again, i met a guy in the audience named john motley and after fifteen minutes of "practice" he joined me on stage and played some heartfelt licks on daddy's dance and free. right back at it without skipping a beat. be on the look out at your local open mic, i might be there just to get the practice.

on the Cyprus tip, we're about 70% finished. we need to lay down a new take of hand over mouth because the first take just doesn't capture the intensity of the song quite right. being the first thing we recorded, it just doesn't hold up to the sound we've now found but for the music aficionados that read this blog(i'm looking at you, anonymous) i'm going to give you this early version as a treat to whet your appetite for the album.(lyrics at the bottom of this post) we've found some truly unique guests and instruments and even a way to work a drum machine into the mix- yes, a drum machine. from cellos to accordions to guerilla street recordings to violins and mandolins to some innovative guitar methods and piano this album is an exploration of genre and style, if you listen close, you'll hear elements of many styles of music represented. i gave a long-time-listener a sneak preview of the album last night(hey, mico!) he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. sadly, it can't always be good news- we are having trouble capturing every day is sunday. we'll figure it out. the album art is coming along and i've been practicing an old "hobby" for a publicity stunt that might land me behind bars...
my right hand man and soul brother number one dustin miller is off exploring the world, this time in argentina and is likely having a blast as you read this. he'll be back soon and the tour/recording will resume. as for the blog, comment as often as you like in whatever language you like and don't be afraid to ask questions. so for now i bid you adieu, be on the look out for more frequent updates and you might just see me at your local coffee shop- i'll be the guy with the huge beard itching to play.
hand over mouth
i see these judging eyes/they are the ones that stare in to me
the ones that look right through me/somehow they've missed the point
and in this court of law/there is no sound mind or reason
only jesters dancing/they've made their minds up long ago

hand over your mouth/you've let the wrong words slip out

and in this twist of fate/this backward and loving hate
has climbed our greatest heights/confusion in it's eyes
and as they exercise/this fear to see her fly
control slips from their hands/she is as heaven intends

hand over your mouth/you've let the wrong words slip out
i'll stand behind you and cover you with my wings
i'll stand behind you and cover you with my wings

and in this childish mind/you've strayed from in the lines
be not the broken toys/of these bitter girls and boys
and in this troubled time/as you seek so shall you find
be who you're meant to be/your love has set me free

hand over your mouth/you've let the wrong words slip out
i'll stand behind you and cover you with my wings
i'll stand behind you and cover you with my wings

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

reflecting on cyprus

i feel the gravity of time and am aware that this creative phase will not last. i understand that the sounds i create will ring through your mind- immortalized. i look forward to working the soil- i want it under my finger nails and in the long cracks in the skin of my hands. on my knees not settling for anyone's vision but my own, this will be won or lost before you ever hear a note.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

tour/studio/site updates

(10/16/2009 brenner's brew, bridgeton nj)
twice last week end we packed our cars with our musical belongings and ventured off into a sheet of never ending rain. brenner's friday, sherlock's saturday. each show unique in feel and audience. we learned about problems that can occur from faulty gear and lack of publicizing. we also learned that old friends can be the most dependable kind. the first three shows of phase one are over and each presented unique challenges and opportunities- we're learning from our flubs and remembering our moments of brilliance. saturday's show also had a special unplanned guest who we are always happy to see.(pictured below, center)
(left to right: dustin miller, jeff caraway, walt sapsi:bass)
despite not having a show this week end we've stayed busy with our constant recording sessions for my upcoming album Cyprus.
(dustin miller staying busy: xylophone, marimba)
over the last few sessions many talented musicians have lent their talents to our efforts. check out for an upcoming article by album contributor stan schwertly. the songs are filling out and much like seventh grade this is an exciting time... keep us on your radar, you've got the inside track.
(open e tuning + violin bow + sweet georgia brown + reverb = cello section)
lastly, the 8/4/09 dvd is now available for purchase in our "alex siniari online store" in our features section, it costs $5. if you'd like to purchase one of the nine remaining copies please leave a comment with your e-mail and i'll contact you with instructions and to collect your info.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

no rest for the weary

last night marked the beginning of our tour. we played to a small crowd at an intimate venue in millville and had a great time and a strong opening night. this morning we were right back at it again, this time in a storage shed miles from home in the early hours of the morning -setting up, practicing, and recording Cyprus.
dustin and i worked almost twelve hours before throwing in the towel tonight and laid down some conventional percussion and some not so conventional sounds that I don't think you'll hear on any other album anytime soon.
we re-recorded songs that some of you may have heard and all together scrapped some material that was by and large finished. we're having fun working through this togtether and it can be trying but we hope people enjoy the final product as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

get loose

in place of the usual recording tonight was spent running through our sets for this saturday's show at bogarts in millville. here are some more updates to keep it fresh and to keep the blog current during the tour:

*8/04/09 3 song DVD from the Red BanK Music Community gig will be available for purchase 10/20/09, it will be a limited run of ten discs each hand illustrated with unique artwork and signed

*each show of the upcoming tour with Dustin Miller will be recorded and offered in some capacity for download on this site

*a limited run of bonus discs featuring stand-out live performances from the tour will be available with Cyprus to those who commit to pre-order

*a target date for Cyprus has been set and we are working hard with guest musicians to make this happen

stay tuned for more updates, news, and debuts and be sure to check back frequently as there will be many updates though out the tour right up to the release of Cyprus.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

studio update:daddy's dance

i spoke to an old friend today, a friend i don't keep in touch with like i should. he reminded me of when he used to sleep on my couch and half of his bed was a chair- a time in our lives where we had nothing but each other and we could only see in front of us. in our short-sightedness we found struggles and pain, we found ways to cope with what we found and ultimately we found hope- i hope. we were icons to each other that there is more to life than just pain. he is finishing his senior year in college and i have a career serving people who face those same struggles we did all those years ago. what bonds us as people is often ignored- meaning we see differences and reasons to deny each other more plausible than the thought that we are all related by the nature of our being. listen, i get it. it's not easy to associate one's self with someone who you don't identify with. from hair and skin to life changing experiences we have all grown differently and independently of one another but, thankfully we have some thing that helps us transcend the confines of our minds- music. people take from it what they want and find relief and identity with the way it makes them feel.

from Jeff Caraway laying out his passion to Stan Schwertly making this song his by pouring his heart and soul into every note, i am grateful to the people i know who choose to see that we are all in this together.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

don't let this play list fool you, there is still much work to be done. the Cyprus project is far from completion but what you see before you are the humble beginnings of what i hope will be your favorite album of the year. some songs maybe re-recorded, scrapped or altogether rearranged. some will feature special guests that you may know if you attend live shows and others that will more than likely remain unique to the album. we're still a ways away from the final iteration of this album but this progress is what we have today and i couldn't be more anxious about getting this album into your consciousness, sooner rather than later.

Monday, August 31, 2009

i don't want to wait in vain

studio sessions are becoming practice session are becoming booking sessions are becoming think tanks are becoming the ideas that will lead to the passion that will become what plays in your head through your day. listen-i am making you a mix tape, a sound track for your life. i want you to think, i want you feel. i want you to connect with me when you can see me and when you only have my voice. please believe that i am on a mission, hard-pressed to make the bitter-sweet journey on the road unraveling at your feet a sonically pleasing one. dig these tour dates, know that as we play each show we will deconstruct our successes and failures and use the salvageable parts to build a better experience for you, the listener. i'm not begging you to listen, i am promising to make it worth your while-listen.
alex siniari & dustin miller: secret frequencies tour
# 10/10/09 7PM Bogart's Cafe and Bookstore Millville NJ
# 10/16/09 7PM Brenner's Books Bridgeton NJ
# 10/17/09 7PM Sherlock's Books and Cafe Smithville NJ
# 10/24/09 7PM The Treehouse Cafe Audubon NJ
# 10/31/09 7PM Trinity Irish Pub The Pier@ Caesers Atlantic CIty NJ
# 11/06/09 6PM The Groundhouse Pitman NJ

Friday, August 14, 2009

soon available for purchase

a three song DVD featuring the set list from 8/04/09 will soon be available to purchase to hold you over until Cyprus is complete. the price is yet-to-be-determined and this will be a limited run offer. cover art will be hand made and unique to each limited copy to give the owner a one up on those who might burn the disc.
the set features:
all night long
hand over mouth

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Studio update: All Night Long and friends

Just dropping in for a quick studio update on the Cyprus Project. We've found a great groove our last few sessions and have gotten some solid work done. I don't want to give away too much info, but had it not been for some tech issues tonight we would have laid down three songs and probably still been recording. Here is a sample, of our progress on All Night Long.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

cyprus sketch


So... I've committed to creating the art for the art for my up coming album, Cyprus. I'm having a hard time translating the ideas the way that I imagine them. Rather, that's sort of the problem, I can't imagine much. This is a random collection of things and won't be used for the album, but I like the character and the colors used to sketch him. It's still early in the process, so I'm not licked yet but neither am I feeling inspired by this attempt. What do you think? I'm dying for some feed back! Use the check boxes at the bottom of the post, here is the grading system we'll go wtih.
funny = sucks/ugly - interesting = meh, take it or leave it - cool = cool
Got it? Good. Vote and comment, please.

Monday, June 22, 2009 interview is up!


Interview with singer-songwriter Alex Siniari

Follow the link above to read the interview.

check out my interview with stan schwertly, my good friend and the founder, reporter, and editor of thanks again to Stan for taking the time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Studio update three: Sharpen The Saw

Wednesday night before being unable to lay down one good section of "Every Day Is Sunday" Dustin and I began to arrange a song that I've been unable to complete since February. It's been played twice, both times with a guest musician. Here is a video of the song that has taken a few shapes but will ultimately be a collaborative effort with Dustin, at this point in it's development I was singing lyrics that ended up being used in a different song. The working title is "Sharpen The Saw".

Friday, June 12, 2009

How can i say this?


spinning on the wind she is the clouds and sky
imagine my surprise wind will lift me up to see your eyes
the coolest blue so beautiful my deepest prayers add up to you
she is the sea i need no air to breathe
goodnight moon, goodbye falling stars
crying tears falling fast inside my broken heart

Friday, May 29, 2009

all night long

Tonight I penned the final lyrics for a song I've been writing since January of 2008. Let me start with a story - The first time I decided to play out was 1/18/08 at Duck Town Tavern in Atlantic CIty. I was the opening act for my friend Christian's band, Animated Orange. I had written two songs that had lyrics(Free and So Far)that I thought would do well and one instrumental(Vanishing Point) that I knew would not even come close to holding the attention of the bar crowd. Having never played to an audience before I thought, "Hey, it's a bar. I'll write a song about what people do in bars." so I changed the riff for So Far enough to make it sound like a different song and wrote some cheesy lyrics about a guy seducing a woman and a jealous boyfriend. The original iteration of this songs was called "So Good"(available on a demo that also includes So Far and Free recorded with C. Glomb in Feb/08, good luck finding it! ~A) and was in heavy rotation for the majority of all my early gigs. The song never felt finished and the lyrics were horrible so I stopped playing it out but never stopped practicing the riff. Soon I added a bridge, months later a turn around and new lyrics. Still, I felt the song was unfinished. - Recently, I've added a new section to the song an am arranging it now to have ready for the coming weeks when my schedule of show dates becomes busier. Finishing this song will be a personal triumph. For now, here are the final lyrics to hold you over until it's debuted. Again.

I want to be as words to your prayer but am lost in silence
If you would wish upon a star I would want to be as bright as diamonds
All these nights I've spent crying for you are catching up to me when I'm alone
I say I'll leave but we both know I'd come running home
If you decided to be mine
Dinner and some wine
A little poison at a time
When the moon is in the sky
The promises that I made
Have little gravity or weight
Blurry shades of black and blue
Separate me from you
Baby we can get away
Take my hand let's take a chance
We can steal away

Working on the night shift
Fighting back the breaking dawn
Swimming through the street lights
Billboard abandoned for so long
Pop song streets paved in gold
Confetti lights late nights all I know
Trace taste her mention in my mouth
Best wishes say you're gone by now

Her fingers tangle up my hair
She tastes so good I can't control myself
She bites her lip her body next to mine
It burns inside I couldn't help myself
I couldn't help myself
You know I couldn't help myself

Working on the night shift
Fighting back the breaking dawn
To taste her kiss a wingless wish
Things never should've went this wrong
Pop song streets paved in gold
Confetti lights late nights all I know
Trace taste her mention in my mouth
Best wishes say you're gone by now

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Album title: Cyprus

No, that isn't the album art but Cyprus will be the title of my upcoming album. Why you ask? Well, I'm Orthodox Christian and on top of all that, Cyprus has a rich history. It is a microcosm, a scaled down model where humanity and all of it's triumphs and adversities have been played out. Such a significant place, you'll get the idea as we progress. Also, this means a new direction in the album art. Instead of American style graffiti, think ancient wall art...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Studio update two: The revival of Free

If you look at the song stats section of this blog at the top of the list is a song called "Free". As of this posting it has been played a total of 32 times this year. It's the one people ask for. It has been played at vigils, coffee houses, book stores, live on the air(Thanks, Raymond Tyler!), it even made it's way on to TV 40 news. It has featured drums, bass, violin, lead guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocalists and MCee's. I've played this song more than anything else, by far. In 2008 it only missed one gig, it is almost implied. When we decided to record this song tonight I thought I could make it through "Free" in one take. I almost did make my way through the song in one take, luckily the computer had other plans and ran out of memory and we fell about fifteen seconds short of laying down an uninspired take. As my fool-hardy prediction high-lighted my now glaringly more apparent lack of talent as a "guitarist" I became reacquainted with a song that was all I had to hold on to when I wrote it. I started to understand that it had become more about the exhibition than the meaning of the song. A song that signified hope for me then and now, I hope, means things I'll never understand to people who find inspiration in the message and music. Tonight, I met every note head on. I played until my finger tips were black and sunken with the indentations of my guitar strings. I fell in love with this song again like I did the first time I mumbled through the words alone, love like the first time Christian Glomb and I sat on his couch in Brigantine and he weaved magic and color into the complex tapestry and said all the things I couldn't through music. The pain in love and friendship that I've lost. This is my gift to you and I give it not because you need it, but because it is good for someone as selfish as myself to give. Without anyone to listen it doesn't mean a thing and with out you I am nothing.
PS: The video is in the video bar to the left, enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday morning song writing:Widower


i beat the sun out of bed
again today
seems he's getting on in age
between the two of us I'm the one
slowing down
every passing day with out her now
i force myself to turn the
time just won't go easy on me
the days just get away these days
look at these old hands that used to hold you
who did i think i was anyway
that i could be without breathing
that i could fly and not
that i could be convinced to not believeing
that i could be anything without you
at all
look at these old hands that used to hold you
she used to make me feel
so small

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Studio update one: recording vs performing


As I play my songs live, they grow and change with each performance. Having this forum to experiment with over the last year has helped me to understand music and take creative risks. Although the stakes aren't high in the sense that I'm virtually unknown and the audience is usually made up of friends or other artists, there is still pressure to get it right and to perform at a level that will entertain the people who are listening. These songs are a collection of stories about myself and others; some factual, some fictional, some meant to provoke thought and others simply meant to be enjoyed. Each time I play a song, I hope that it is accessable to someone who is listening in some way. Most recently, I've started to document my work through recording. During the recording process, there is a different dynamic in play in that the recording is final so that pressure to get it right is multiplied. In a live setting, the audience can see the performer and can key in on the emotion in the performance. While recording, it is easy to get wrapped up in an idea and take it too far or land in a spot that can change the feel of a song completely. I'm lucky enough to have the guidance of my friend Dustin Miller, a seasoned musician, to guide me through the recording process and add color and depth with his tremendous talent. I hope to have many guests appear on the album. During live shows I've had the chance to play with many guests who compliment my music and make it that much more enjoyable for the audience, hopefully we can convey that feeling through this recording. Aaaaanyway, I'll use this blog to post updates from the studio. To start, here is a sketch for one song, "Daddy's Dance" and a "sketch" of another song, "Hand Over Mouth", to start you off. Enjoy! Hand Over Mouth Download: